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Here you will find a personalized and natural approach to healing and taking care of your body. 

Personal experiences have given me a unique perspective on chiropractic care, and I'm committed to sharing my passion and knowledge with my members.

One of the key advantages of chiropractic treatments is that it can support the return of your spine's proper alignment and functionality. This can increase your range of motion, ease pain, and lower your risk of injury. Your neurological system can operate more effectively when your spine is properly positioned, which can enhance your overall health.

1. Increased range of motion
2. Improved immune system function
3. Better quality of sleep 
4. Increased adaptability in life
5. Pain or symptom relief

Chiropractic care is a fantastic way to avoid developing health issues in the first place. Regular chiropractic adjustments can assist to maintain the health of your spine and neurological system, which can avoid  a variety of different health problems such as migraines, sciatica and digestive troubles.

Treatments of the Body and the Musculoskeletal System.

Top 5 reasons chiropractic care should be on your monthly schedule.

Vitalism or the first philosophical principle is that the body is self-healing, that is, it has the innate capacity to heal itself. In chiropractic, this ability is called Innate Intelligence. Those who are interested in seeking natural methods or remedies with regards to healing whether that be mental, physical or spiritual will find Chiropractic treatments as a top modality to treat and enhance their overall wellness. 

of holistic medicine.

Chiropractic care is a form 

As a Chiropractor I analyze the tone, compensations, tension patterns and biomechanics of the human body for each individual specifically and strive to make changes using a range of natural and non-invasive approaches while keeping the patients' goals in mind.

Whether you're experiencing chronic pain, looking to improve your overall health, or simply interested in wellness care; I would love for you to get your nervous system checked in my clinic!

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Dr. Katara! 

Located on the South Hill,  cross streets of 29th and Southeast Blvd

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To help my members connect back to themselves by creating awareness. 

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Pre-paid packages are a fantastic option to save and share between family members. Choose from 5, 10 & 30 adjustment packages.  

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Adjustments, Compression Therapy, Family and Wellness Options available.

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Discover Natural Healing for a Healthy Lifestyle.

I offer a holistic approach through chiropractic care, which not only treats symptoms but also promote overall health and well-being.


I've been working as a licensed massage therapist for over 4 years in a chiropractic setting with experience in medical massage and deep tissue therapy.

I enjoy doing prenatal massages and anything that can bring relief to a client. In 2022,  I expanded my services to specialize in cupping and have loved seeing the difference and relief that my clients can feel.

licensed massage therapist

New Service

Whether you seek therapeutic pain management, deep relaxation, or a blissful escape, I'm excited to welcome Marina's expert touch to Innate Chiropractic. 

Massage & Cupping Services Now Available

Hey, I'm Marina!

by reducing nerve interference and promoting proper organ function.

Chiropractic adjustments can help improve digestive function 

Get adjusted. Be adaptable. Stay connected.

The office is conveniently located on the South Hill, however, I have members from the many surrounding areas. Your time is valuable, and I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get the care you need. That's why I offer same-day appointments.

Whether you're dealing with sudden pain or just need to schedule a visit that works with your busy schedule, I’m here to help. Schedule and come visit me today!

Serving South Hill & surrounding areas.

Same day appointments available.

Same Day Appointments Same Day Appointments

During your first visit, I will take into account your body’s demands and goals so that I can create a custom treatment plan that is suited to your individual needs, based on the initial consultation and findings from the functional examination.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, I offer NormaTec Compression Therapy. An incredible therapy that can increase circulation, accelerate recovery and rehabilitation, relieve muscle swelling and soreness, flush lymphatic fluid and lactic acids, and reduce water accumulation.


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-Ciarrah B.

Dr. Sharp is truly dedicated to her work, she does a great job listening to her patients concerns and provides the best care possible for her clients. Dr. Sharp goes above and beyond, not to mention her personality is contagious and always is easy to talk to.

-Tiffany K.

She takes the time to explain how my body is out of alignment, what technique or procedure she is doing to correct that and how it will help me. I would highly recommend Dr. Sharp!

- Louie A.

Dr. Katara Sharp is one of the best Doctors in the world! She is able to maintain presence and meet people where they are at on their healing journey. I have personally been adjusted by numerous docs (all of which are big names internationally), and In my humble opinion, I believe Dr. Katara’s adjusting skills are better than all those people. She's great at making everyone in the room feel seen and comfortable in the environment. I could not recommend her enough. If you are in Spokane, or near, come check out the experience she delivers!

-Peyton G.

Truly the best experience I’ve had with a Chiropractor. Dr. Sharp is intentional, listens and provides manageable solutions. I have received amazing customer service, with flexibility of appointments, ease of scheduling, extensive evaluations and overall intentional care. Highly recommend this office if you’re looking for a great chiropractor in Spokane! 

"A healthy spine equals a healthier life."

- Dr. Todd Sinett